New Authors!

Hello penguins,

This is Sportace and there are new authors! The new authors are: Darthmall50,Jackpaulsen thats all the authors so far! More coming soon!

Posted by popman2 A.K.A Sportace 12-2-08


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Hey Guys,

We are back. Just a 5/6 day break, everyone needs one….right?

Site Renovations

Alright, I’m tired of this site, unreadable, grammar fail, and other fails. I’m fixing this up ASAP

Moving Site

Hello Penguins!,

Sportace here to tell you that we are moving the site!

The new site is called That Is The New Site!  It Will have my name in it because my Brother Blueicedude, pretty much quit cp :/ But dont worry Im still here! So Visit Out the Site! Also my Youtube Channel Is

Happy Earth Day!!

Hey penguins! Well to start out, HAPPY EARTH DAY!! What’s Earth Day you ask? Well, Earth Day is the day when we celebrate, well, Earth! This is the day to go green!

Anyways, you all have probably heard about the new room. Well, it’s here! It’s called the Gardening Room (Located next to the mine). Here are some pictures:

This is what the Mine currently looks like. You can get free garden hats there!

This is what the Garden Room looks like (I think it’s the Garden Room, if not please correct me).

So thats pretty much it for the Garden Room. Now, most of you have probably noticed that there is a scavenger hunt. Here is a guide to finding all of the items.

1st item is on top of the plant in the corner of the coffee shop.

2nd item is at the Puffle Shop.

3rd item is in the bottom left corner at the Beach.

4th item is at the Dojo in the right corner of the lower left roof.

5th item is in the Book Room on top of the bookshelf.

6th item is at the Forest, somewhat hidden in the trees.

7th item is at the Ski Village on top of the tubes that are outside of the Sports Shop.

Last item is at the Mine.

Once you collect all of the items, you get a Recycle Pin!

Well, that’s all for now! Happy Earth Day and don’t forget to….

Slide on Ice! ~Blueicedude~

As Sportace Said… WE ARE BACK! And More News!

Hey guys! Blueicedude here and I’m glad to say WE ARE BACK!!! That’s right, the site is back up! I can’t promise that any of us will be posting often, but WE WILL be posting. So keep checking here daily for new posts!

Also, Sportace (aka Popman2) has made a Youtube account to help our fame grow!! We will be making many different types of videos about cp (right now he only has 2 vids, but we are just getting started & we also found some better software, so the vids will be in better quality). Here’s the link to his channel:


You can also just type in his Youtube name (Sportace1) in the search bar. The link to Sportace’s Youtube Channel will be posted in the blogroll. He will be filming with his friends such as me, Jackpaulsen, and more!

Well that’s about all for now. Don’t forget to…
Slide on ice! ~Blueicedude~

The Site Returned!

very sorry of the wait we will all work on the site again!